How to Make Delicious Neer Dosa

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Neer Dosa. i personally like a crisp neer dosa recipe while i prepare it for myself. but in this recipe finally, do visit my other dosa recipes collection with this post of neer dosa recipe. it includes recipes like, set dosa. Neer dosa recipe with step by step photos. Neer dosa are thin, fluffy and lacy crepes made with ground rice batter.

Neer Dosa Dosa is one of the popular Neer dosa is eaten for breakfast, lunch or anytime with a chutney or curries including the. Learn how to make South Indian Special Neer Dosa at home with Chef Varun The Mangalorean Neer Dosa Recipe is a simple, quick recipe to make. Neer dosa, literally meaning water dosa in Tulu, is a crêpe prepared from rice batter. You can have Neer Dosa using 3 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Neer Dosa

  1. Prepare 1 glass of Dosa/Idli rice.
  2. You need of Water.
  3. It’s of Salt.

Neer dosa is a delicacy from Tulu Nadu region, and part of Udupi – Mangalorean cuisine. Neer is the word for water in Tulu language. Neer dosa or neer dose is a very popular breakfast recipe from Mangalore region of Karnataka. "Neer dose" literally means "water dosa" prepared from plain rice batter. Neer Dosa – Make It Your Super Food Recipe, Nariyal, How To Make Neer Dosa – Make It Your It is light type of dosa, an Indian dish.

Neer Dosa instructions

  1. Soak idli/dosa rice overnight..
  2. Grind it thick and store the batter. When you are about to prepare dosa, take a small portion of batter and mix it with lot of water. Let the batter be as thin as possible. Add salt to the batter and pour it on hot sauce pan..
  3. Serve hot Neer dosa with chutney or jagged-coconut dish..

Neer dosa is a delicacy from of Tulu nadu region in Karnataka part. Neer dosa or neer dose is very thin, light pan cake made using rice batter. Be it breakfast or dinner we all love this dosa to the core. Neer Dosa Recipe – a light, soft, lacey and delicious dosas from the Karnataka region. These are prepared mainly with soaked rice and fresh grated coconut.

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