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MATTAR KULCHA ( home made #new. Home made healthy matar kulcha for you guys !! PagesBusinessesEducationSpecialist schoolCooking schoolAnita's kitchen StoryVideosHomemade Matar kulcha Easy recipe and tasty 🤤🤗 Try at home and. matar kulcha recipe with video. matar kulcha is one of the popular street food of north india. the whole curry of matar is semi thick and has a tangy taste and flavor. I don't know about you but I am in love with Chaat.

MATTAR KULCHA ( home made #new In the term matar kulcha, matar, which translates to "peas" in Indian, is an extremely versatile dish. It's usually paired with a type of leavened bread called Kulcha to create an. Cooking is a new skill-set I have been working on. #matarkulcha #quarantine #bloggerstribe #kulcha #streetfood #homecooked #indianfood. You can cook MATTAR KULCHA ( home made #new using 18 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of MATTAR KULCHA ( home made #new

  1. Prepare pack of Mattar-1/2.
  2. You need of Onions-2-3 (finely chopped).
  3. It’s of Tomatoes-1-2 finely chopped.
  4. It’s of Salt- as per taste.
  5. Prepare of tsp Coriander pd-2.
  6. Prepare tsp of Red chilli pd-1.
  7. Prepare tsp of Black salt-1.
  8. You need tsp of Chaat masala-2-3.
  9. Prepare tsp of Aamchoor pd-2-3.
  10. It’s of Green chillies-2-3.
  11. You need of KULCHA ingredients.
  12. You need cups of Plain flour-2.
  13. Prepare spoons of Curd-4.
  14. Prepare tsp of Baking powder-1.
  15. Prepare tsp of Baking soda-1/2.
  16. You need of spoons Butter-3-4.
  17. You need 4-5 spoons of Kasuri methi-.
  18. Prepare spoons of Kalonji-2-3.

Matar kulcha is a popular street food in Delhi. The matar kulcha is easy to prepare, since it is only about cooking the white chana and adding the Indian masalas. Matar Kulcha, takes me back in time. Near the post office under that giant Ficus tree (Peepal tree), a hawker would stand and sell those luring matar kulcha all afternoons.

MATTAR KULCHA ( home made #new step by step

  1. Soak mattar for 2-3 hrs..
  2. In a pan or cooker add water n soaked mattar add salt n boil till tender n the skin separates..
  3. In a large bowl add mattar n above mentioned spices except Aamchoor pd, add chopped onion and tomatoes, green chillies,mix well. Now in a bowl add aamchoor pd n less than half cup water n add to the prepared mattar mix well. Transfer to a serving bowl Garnish with green coriander leaves..
  4. In a bowl add plain flour, salt n baking powder baking soda n curd melted butter n knead to a soft dough. Keep it aside for half an hour or more n again knead it n divide the dough into equal portions n keep aside for half an hour. After half an hour roll the dough into round puri size chapati n sprinkle kasuri methi n kalonji seeds on top n put on a hot tawa n sprinkle some water on sides cover with a lid. Cook on both the sides, brush with butter n serve hot with mattar..

Matar kulcha is a type of gently leavened flatbread loaded with dried white peas. Kulchas originated in Northern India as a variation of naan, essentially making it a. Learn how to make Matar Kulcha by Varun Inamdar only on Get Curried.<br /> Make this Delhi Style Mutter Kulcha Recipe at your home this cricket season. Home » FoodFood » Sanjeev Kapoor Kitchen » Matar Paneer Kulcha. Ingredients for Matar Paneer Kulcha Recipe.

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