Recipe: Yummy Easy Microwave Rice

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Easy Microwave Rice. It's easy to make rice in the microwave if you follow these tips The basic microwave rice recipe uses a microwaveable bowl covered with either a plate or ¾ with plastic wrap. How I microwave rice – in the photos above, I used the Nordicware microwave rice cooker, but it is So easy and perfect the first time. I will never cook rice on the stove again.

Easy Microwave Rice Take your rice out of the microwave. At this point, taste the rice. Easy Microwave Rice Pudding that is a low residue, low carb, sugarless dessert treat! You can cook Easy Microwave Rice using 2 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Easy Microwave Rice

  1. Prepare 1 cup of rice.
  2. Prepare 2 cups of water.

While you can cook rice in a pot or a rice cooker, you can also save yourself time by cooking rice in a microwave. You can cook both brown and white rice in the microwave in just a few minutes. It is easy, and requires no special equipment other than a microwave. It's easy and comes out just right every time.

Easy Microwave Rice instructions

  1. Rinse rice a few times til water runs clear..
  2. Add water.
  3. Cover with a tight lid or 2 layers of plastic wrap. Put on a microwave safe plate..
  4. On high for 9 minutes *1200 watt microwave*.
  6. Fluff with a fork.

These Microwave Rice Krispie Treats are foolproof and turn out perfect every time. Easy family recipes for dinner, dessert, and more! Mix the frozen peas and carrots into the rice. In a microwaveable mug, beat the eggs with the salt. Lawry's seasoned salt and seasoned pepper.

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